I ordered a poster—how in the world do you ship a poster?
Posters are sent in hefty cardboard mailing tubes. As long as you don’t participate in a sword fight before you remove the poster, it should be safe and sound.

My order is a gift, can you include a special note?
I'm not always able to make this happen, but I will certainly try! Email me before you place your order so I can make sure I catch your request! Unfortunately due to the rules and regulations of USPS, I'm unable to add gift messaging to book shipments. Gift wrapping is not available. 

Since I live in Richmond, can I just come pick up my order?
I live and work about 30-minutes outside of the city, so chances are, you're not going to want to pick things up here. Email me first, and I'll let you know if there are any retailers close to you carrying the product you're looking for!

Are there places around town that carry any of your products?
Yes! Mongrel carries almost all of our products on a regular basis, and there are several other stores stocking copies of 804ork. For a complete list, please visit 804ork.com/where-to-buy.

I’d love to sell your products in our store—do you have any information about wholesale opportunities?
Awesome! I'd love to talk to you. Send me an email and we'll go from there! 

What else do you do all day?
When I'm not designing products you can find me at Carrie, Ink.

How can I find out about what you are working on next?
Even though I'm busy, I'm also pretty chatty. You can follow Blunt Objects on twitter or on facebook to keep up to date.